Selected Manual Chapters

Below you will find the links to selected chapters from the official manuals, versions 7 and 6.2.

Chapters from Manual Version 7

Full Manuals

ATLAS.ti 7.5 Full Manual

ATLAS.ti 7.5-QuickTour

ATLAS.ti 7-Guia Rápida (Español)

Manual ATLAS.ti _ Abarca & Ruiz (Español)

Preparatory Steps

ATLAS.ti 7-The HU Editor

ATLAS.ti 7-Migrating from 5 and 6

ATLAS.ti 7-Data Management Version 7.5

ATLAS.ti 7-Preparing Primary Documents

ATLAS.ti 7-Preparing Documents for Auto-Coding

ATLAS.ti7-Project Backup and Transfer

Starting the Analysis Project

ATLAS.ti 7.5 Setting Up a New Project

ATLAS.ti 7-Creating, Opening and Saving HU

ATLAS.ti 7.5 Adding Documents to a Project

ATLAS.ti 7-Loading and Navigating Primary Documents

ATLAS.ti 7-Family Life

ATLAS.ti 7.5-Transcription

ATLAS.ti 7-Survey Data

Segmenting and Coding Primary Documents

ATLAS.ti 7.5 The Data Level-Basic Functions

ATLAS.ti 7-Auto-Coding

ATLAS.ti 7-Creating and Working with Multimedia Quotations

ATLAS.ti 7-Coding Audio and Video Docs

ATLAS.ti 7-Creating and Working with GE Quotes

ATLAS.ti 7-Coding Google Earth Docs

Data Exploration and Analysis

ATLAS.ti 7-Network Views

ATLAS.ti 7.5-Hyperlinks

ATLAS.ti 7.5-Super Family

ATLAS.ti 7-Text Search

ATLAS.ti 7-Object Crawler

ATLAS.ti 7-Generating Output

ATLAS.ti 7-Word Cruncher

ATLAS.ti 7-Co-occurrence Tools

ATLAS.ti 7-Code-PD Cross Tabulation

ATLAS.ti 7-Query Tool

ATLAS.ti 7.5-Sorting and Filtering

Collaboration Across Coders

ATLAS.ti 7-Merging HUs (essential for team work)

ATLAS.ti 7-Inter-rater Reliability Using CAT (important for team work)

Memos: A Space for Reflection

ATLAS.ti 7-Working with Memos


ATLAS.ti 7-Generating Output


Exporting Data

ATLAS.ti 7.5-Export and Import

ATLAS.ti 7-SPSS Export

Chapters from Manual Version 6.2

Data Preparation (Description of different steps in preparing data for analysis.  It includes a description of transcription, Google Earth documents, and the survey import function)

Setting Up a New Project (Very important!)

Data Management (Very important!)

Project Backup and Migration (Directions for backing-up and migrating the hermeneutic unit. Very important!)

Team Project Management  (Guide to teamwork. Please read if working in teams. Very important!)

Data Analysis and Theory-Building Tools (Different data analysis tools, e.g., co-occurrences, Query Tool, code-to-code networks)

Family Tables (Description of the process of importing the primary document family structure from an Excel spreadsheet)

Importing Survey Data (Description of the survey importation function)

The Data Level Basic Functions (Basic functions related to quotations and coding)

Calculating Inter-Rater Reliability

A-Docs and Transcription (Short manual describing how to transcribe audio and video files in ATLAS.ti as well as how to associate video and audio files to their transcribed text. This is also described in the official manual)

Language Settings (Short manual describing how to set up ATLAS.ti to work with different languages. This is also described in the official manual)

Geo Coding (Short manual showing how to work with Google Earth.  This is also described in the official manual)

Video Formats

Text Search and Auto-Coding


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