Introduction to ATLAS.ti Mac

Online workshops only: instructions to join the web conferencing session

GoToWebinar Quickguide

Video showing how to download the video that will be used in class (see below under “Sample Source Documents”)

Course Outlines

Introduction to ATLAS.ti 7 Mac Online (TC201M)

Qualitative Analysis ATLAS.ti Mac (Face-to-face workshop)


ATLAS.ti Mac Manual

Additional Resources

ATLAS.ti Mac-Overview (Power Point used in class)

Annotated bibliography ATLAS.ti in health research

ATLAS.ti research blog

Companion website book by Susanne Friese

Friese 2014. Glossary of Terms (from the Susanne Friese’s book)

Sample Source Documents (These files will be used in class.  Copy them into a folder with the name “Class ATLAS.ti”.  The folder can be located on the computer’s desktop or any other location of your choice).  Do not use Dropbox or an external drive.

BR-Urban-Director of Health Center

BR-Rural-Assistant Director of Health Center

GUA-Rural-Assistant Director Health Center

GUA-Urban-Assistant Director Health Center

Survey Intl Health (Excel spreadsheet that will be used in class to practice the Survey Import function)

BR-Community health agent





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