The Corvallis ATLAS.ti Summer Workshop Series

Come to Corvallis, Oregon, the week of July 10th 2017 for the first Corvallis ATLAS.ti Summer Workshop Series. Experts in ATLAS.ti from the United States, Germany and the UK will offer workshops on ATLAS.ti 8 Windows and Mac for beginners and a 3-day course on approaches for optimum data analysis with the software. The latter will include discussions on the role of ATLAS.ti in the research process, the Five-level QDA model, and best practices and recommendations on topics such as coding, theme development, and the interrogation of the data.

This Summer Workshop Series offers a unique opportunity to engage in rich dialogue with academics and researchers using ATLAS.ti in their research processes, and to learn from leading figures in the field of computer-assisted qualitative data analysis. Dr. Friese will be publishing later this year the third edition of the book ‘Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti’, and Drs. Silver and Woolf will be publishing this summer the book ‘Qualitative Analysis with ATLAS.ti: The Five Level QDA Method’. Dr. Paulus is the author of the influential book “Digital Tools for Qualitative Research’. Paul Mihas is the assistant director of the prestigous Odum Institute at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, while Ricardo Contreras is the director of the Training division of ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH and an international consultant in the field.
Eventbrite - The Corvallis ATLAS.ti Summer Workshop Series


About Ricardo B. Contreras

I am an applied cultural anthropologist, director of ATLAS.ti Training & Partnership Development and president of Ethnographica Sociocultural Research, company specializing in applied research in the United States. Academic website:
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