New Webinar on Qualitative Methodology: Social Theory in Qualitative Health Research

As part of our webinar series on qualitative methodology, on Thursday February the 27th, at 1:00 pm MST (Edmonton Time), Dr. Jan Angus will present “Framework, Lens, or Something Else? Thinking with Social Theory in Qualitative Health Research”.  Register here:


Qualitative researchers refer to ‘theory’ in a variety of ways. Theory creation is the goal of some researchers while others use extant theory as a framework for data analysis or as a lens with which to read data.  Alternatively, in this session, I will discuss the possibilities offered by social theory as a stimulus to contextualization, creativity and critique.  Boudieusian theory is one of many that extend analysis beyond individual meanings to the worlds in which these meanings are constructed and situated. During this session I will examine several implications of thinking with theory by drawing on examples from a recent study of gender and the production of social exclusions in cardiac rehabilitation.

Presenter’s Biosketch

Jan AngusDr. Jan Angus is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto. Her work focuses on the social and contextual forces that affect access to health care, particularly cardiac rehabilitation and cancer screening. Her interest in the exclusionary practices embedded in cardiovascular risk modification is informed by the work of social theorists such as Dorothy Smith and Pierre Bourdieu. She is also involved in an ongoing community-based participatory study investigating institutional and social challenges to cancer screening access for women with disabilities.

About Ricardo B. Contreras

I am an applied cultural anthropologist, director of ATLAS.ti Training & Partnership Development and president of Ethnographica Sociocultural Research, company specializing in applied research in the United States. Academic website:
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